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Polynyl has been supplying Crown Forklifts for over 15 years. We supply original manufactured products only and continue to provide these wheels to various industries. A changeover service is the most economical way for customers to receive the greatest value for the products we can offer. Enhanced value may also be achieved with a high flex life material particularly for difficult sights with poor surfaces, long run distances and high duty cycles. We also offer non-marking Crown Forklift wheels for those surfaces that mark very easily.

Crown Forklift

Crown Forklift is a product of Crown Equipment Pty Ltd, a leading provider of material handling equipment in Australia since 1966. The company provides a range of battery electric and internal combustion powered lift trucks. They are an award-winning company and well-known for their quality products and brand.

Why Purchase Crown Forklifts
at Polynyl Plastics

  • Cheaper price and same quality

    Purchasing Crown Forklifts is a wise investment. Cost is the major reason why people prefer this brand. When you pay for low cost, it does not necessarily mean low performance or quality product. You can purchase a forklift for a cheaper price yet get the same quality.

  • Lower maintenance costs

    Most electric battery forklifts don't consume maintenance fees. This type and brand of forklift needs little maintenance. Therefore, it gives you more room for other expenses. You do not only get savings but also use your operational hours efficiently with less to zero downtime.

  • Efficient use

    Forklifts have many applications. It comes in a wide range of sizes and power packs. Choose a specific design and size that fit its required purpose. Polynyl Plastics staff will help you purchase which forklift type you need.

  • Cleaner operations and longer service

    Using electric forklifts offer the benefit of diminishing carbon monoxide pollution. You can also expect longer service with electric and battery powered forklifts compared to fuel driven models. It can be easily fixed by changing the electric motor or battery.

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