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New jobs requiring moulds, will quote to supply moulds and advise suitable quantity for the batch quantity and run times for lead times that suit your need.

Polyurethane Custom Moulding

Polyurethane Custom Moulding

Custom mould according to your specifications and product needs.

These specifications are required to enable a complete price to you.

  • Quantity
  • Colour
  • Hardness
  • Grade and type of polyurethane

These specifications will be developed with your consultation. You will be advised as to the most suitable material in the development of your product.

Why Choose Polynyl Plastics

  • Expertise and expertise

    We remain passionate about what we do and offer to you. We take great pride in our products, services and dealing with our new and existing clients.

  • Fast and reliable service

    Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our business. Having been in this field for decades, we value every client feedback. That's why we ensure to provide fast and reliable services.

  • Quality product

    We provide a warranty for faulty product. Once it is returned to us, replacement will be delivered to you.

  • Equipped facility

    Is equipped with what can accommodate your varying polyurethane needs.

Polyurethane Moulding

If you have questions and need products done processed contact us today.Our staff will be available to mould products that you require.

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