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Various innovations are continuously implemented and developed in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the most commonly utilized innovations is using polyurethane. The characteristics of this material give effective use for many medical applications. This is where Polynyl Plastics can help you.

Polyurethane Pharmaceutical Products

For over 49 years, we have been catering to different pharmaceuticals in Australia. We provide a range of pharmaceutical products that are used for varying medical applications. Our products are safe and effective for such use.

Polynyl Plastics only use FDA approved materials in manufacturing polyurethane for pharmaceuticals. We will collaborate with your specifications and incorporate it with the standards. This process is ideal to come up with a more enhanced vision of the product.

Polyurethane materials can be used in these medical applications:

  • Diaphragms
  • Membranes
  • Surgical apparatus
  • Mechanical supports

Benefits of Using Polyurethane Material

  • Mechanical properties

    Its mechanical properties are proven effective to use in many applications. Two of these is; its compression and elongation. Considering the specific pharmaceutical function, it is ideal for flexing and suspension.

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