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Printing and publishing companies are finding ways on how to compete with the digital market. Though most can be read, searched and posted online, there are still things best kept through printed forms or layouts. For any print material, quality is its basic feature. In order to achieve this, companies would resort to overspending. The quality may have been met but there is no guarantee when it comes to profits. That's why more and more companies in the printing industry favor using polyurethane products.

Polyurethane Printing Rollers

Polynyl Plastics have been producing and supplying polyurethane rollers for various printing companies in Australia. Considering your requirements, we provide rollers for your specific application.

Polyurethane Printing Rollers

We manufacture and supply transfer rollers, grippers, film feed, indexing and vacuum control rollers. Among the features that we look into are hardness, flexibility and resistance to external elements such as water and fire before delivering it to our clients.

Why Use Polyurethane

Polyurethane print rollers offer some remarkable advantages as they have:

  • Better ink spread
  • Reproduce lasting results of at least three times the life of conventional rubber
  • Less scaling of inks film build ups
  • Has more flex properties in its chemical make up
  • The product durability makes it less prone to fatigue
  • It is a wear-resistant material with higher molecular structure

Although more expensive than conventional print rollers, the greater value of 300% extended life for high speed printing machines can realize a significant benefit. This gives your business more savings and better productivity. In the end, you can capitalize your investment and expect good quality feedback from your clients.

This is how Polynyl Plastics can help you. Our years in the service of the printing industry have proven that polyurethane has helped our clients earn more efficiency and productivity. Contact us today for all polyurethane printing needs in Australia.

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