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Polyurethane Changeover

Serving the industry for over 49 years, we understand how expensive downtimes can be, especially due to the need of a changeover. We have helped various companies in many industries such as logistics, engineering and manufacturing during these times. For that reason, we are well aware of what you want and need during this circumstance.

At Polynyl Plastics, we provide quick and reliable polyurethane changeover. In this way, we help minimize your business and customer expenses.

24-Hour Turnaround Time

If your wheel is not included in our stock inventory, we refurbish your wheel with a 24-hour turnaround time. As long as we receive the wheel by 12:00, it will be ready to pick-up by 12:00 the next day. But please make these arrangements in advance.

Polyurethane Roller Rebuild

Polynyl Plastics also offer quality roller rebuilds. We refurbish conveyor rollers of all types and grades configured to your specifications as well as drive rollers to feed rollers, drums or for belt drive applications. Large conveyor rollers of four tone capacity and over a metre in diameter are within our moulding capacity.

For finishing of rollers, we provide three types:

  • Turned finish for grip
  • Crowned finish for tracking
  • Ground or polished finish for ironing

Our refurbished roller products are grooved and reliefs for your specific applications.

Other services offered are bearing journal, bearing housing repairs and straightening rollers. We provide these services while paying attention to your specifications in order to come up with the best possible product.

Polyurethane Design

Talk to us and we will review and develop a design that suit your specific application. We accept the following needs for design services:

  • Polyurethane upgrade
  • Rubber upgrade
  • New concept to replace steel or other material
  • Prototyping

Having been in this industry for five decades, our years of experience as polyurethane suppliers will give you peace of mind. We will provide you with better options per your request or specification. With more complex design applications, consulting costs may be incurred.

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