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We have been supplying rollers for over 15 years and continue to provide these rollers to many industries in Australia. We cater to logistics, engineering, mining, packaging, manufacturing, printing and other industries.

We provide retyring of printing roller services. Retyring printing rollers with polyurethane last longer than rubber. Like the conveyor roller, the material used is denser, has more flex properties, will not readily fatigue and wear resistant.

Printing Rollers Services

  • Changeover

    At Polynyl Plastics, we provide quick and reliable polyurethane changeover. In this way, we help minimize your business and customer expenses.

    If your wheel is not included in our stock inventory, we will refurbish your wheel within 24 hours. As long as we receive the wheel by 12:00, it will be ready for pick-up by 12:00 the next day. The 24-hour turnaround time is only applied when arrangements are made in advance.

  • Rebuild

    We offer a wide array of roller rebuild services. This includes refurbishing, finishing, bearing journal, bearing housing repairs and straightening rollers. We provide these services to all types and grades of rollers.

  • Design

    For specific polyurethane product, we can help you come up with a design or improve vision you have. Considering industry standards and your specifications, we will produce a polyurethane roller that will be efficient for your business.

  • Consulting

    We provide consulting services for commercial and industrial clients throughout Australia. Our inputs will cover the technical and industry aspects of the product while we pay attention to your specifications. Our team is eager to assist you on this matter.

Polynyl Plastics Polyurethane Products

  • Wheels
  • Sheets
  • Rods
  • Tubes
  • Bars
  • Custom moulding

If you're looking for a particular roller, talk to us and we will manufacture it. We provide custom moulding and consulting services to commercial and industrial clients as well. Call us on 03 9459 1708 or email support@polynyl.com for enquiries. We are eager to collaborate with you on your next project.

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