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The mining industry is involved with high-risk operations. With that, precision is important in its processes. The operational facilities should be equipped with machineries and materials that contain resistance from dry heat, water, oxygen, oil, grease, chemical, flame and even fungus. This is the reason why polyurethane products are preferred by mining companies.

How Polynyl Plastics Can Help You

With our years of experience as polyurethane suppliers, we have gained the knowledge and expertise in providing high quality products to mining companies in Australia.

Polynyl Plastics products are especially formulated to withstand various operations in mining such as extraction, transportation and storage. We offer a range of polyurethane products for mining industry including but not limited to chute liners, crushing rollers, drum support trammels, recovering rollers and other custom moulded parts.

The chute liners are polyurethane sheet backed with frass rubber that fit the mining industry.

Polyurethane Mining Products

Benefits of Using Polyurethane in Mining

  • Toughness and tensile strength
    It has a very broad range of extremities which under load, vibration and flexing, stress occurs, which has a particular effect depending on the particular work function is being placed on the polyurethane.

  • Resilience

    It can either be for high rebound for quick recovery or bounce and low rebound for deadened or slower recovery.

  • Low temperature properties

    It remains flexible at very low temperature and process outstanding resistance to thermal shock.

  • Frictional properties

    It resembles most plastics and elastomers in that friction against non-lubricated surfaces generally decrease with increasing hardness. A high coefficient of friction is valuable for such products such as solid industrial tyres, feed rollers and drive rollers.

  • Flex properties

    It has the unique ability to recover from its flexing and springing than any other material.

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