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Nitchiyu is a global innovator when it comes to lift trucks. Over 70 years ago, it has developed lift trucks for many industries not only in Japan but also worldwide. For this reason, it is widely recognized in design and manufacturing of forklift trucks around the world.

Here at Polynyl Plastics, we stock most models of Nitchiyu Forklift wheels that you need. We also provide changeover services to help you recover from downtimes. A changeover service is the most economical way for customers to receive the greatest value for the products we can offer. Enhanced value may also be achieved with a high flex life material particularly for difficult sights with poor surfaces, long run distances and high duty cycles.

Polynyl Plastics Services

  • Changeover

    We provide quick and reliable polyurethane changeover to help you minimize your business and customer expenses.

    If your wheel is not included in our stock inventory, we will refurbish your wheel within 24 hours. This is only applicable for arrangements made in advance.

  • Rebuild

    We offer roller rebuild services such as refurbishing, finishing, bearing journal, bearing housing repairs and straightening rollers. We provide these services to all types and grades of rollers.

  • Design

    For specific polyurethane product, we can help you come up with a design or improve vision you have. Considering industry standards and your specifications, we will produce a polyurethane roller that will be efficient for your business.

  • Consulting

    We provide consulting services for commercial and industrial clients throughout Australia. Our inputs will cover the technical and industry aspects of the product while we pay attention to your specifications. Our team is eager to assist you on this matter.

Throughout the years, we have been catering to many industries such as logistics, engineering and mining for all their polyurethane needs. Contact us today on 03 9459 1708 or email support@polynyl.com for enquiries.

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