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The logistics industry plays a significant role in the economy of a country. The success of logistics companies reflect economic prowess. But this is easier said than done.

There are various changes surrounding the logistics industry. Some of these changes are unpredictable which then lead to becoming difficulties that hinder you to better serve your clients and also expand your market. With these challenges, how can you keep up and still achieve your goals?

One of the major problems in logistics is thinning profits. Providers of logistics look for pricing options and other alternatives to reduce costs and increase revenue. The first way to do this is investing on warehouse or storage facilities. Once this is achieved, operational activities can run more smoothly and you can attend to other aspects of your business.

How Polynyl Plastics Can Help You

  • Cost-effective products and services

    We are one of the established polyurethane suppliers to logistics industry in Australia. Throughout the years, we have been helping logistics companies with our reliable and speedy services.

  • Higher productivity and profits

    Our products and services equip your facilities with sustainable and functional use. We refurbish all types of forklift wheels and provide you with an array of brands available for your convenience.

  • Fast turnaround time

    It is our guarantee to service your needs in a timely way to your satisfaction.

Polyurethane Products and
Services for Logistics

We provide various forklift wheel brands such as Amiese or Jung Heindrich BT, Crown, Hyster, Nitchiyu, Raymond, Toyota and Yale. If we don't have your preferred brand, we offer forklift wheels refurbishing services.

Our polyurethane products and services enable logistics operations to flow smoothly and efficiently. Polynyl Plastics takes great pride in providing you with quality products, reliable services and speedy turnaround time.

Do you need to upgrade your warehouse facilities? Contact us today.

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