Polynyl Plastics
Unit 6, 5-7 Porter Road
Heidelberg Heights
VIC 3081
+61 3 9459 1708
+61 402 222 962

Maximize the flexibility of polyurethane material as an excellent choice for a range of packaging applications.

Polynyl Plastics produces a range of products for the packaging industry. We provide impression pads for box notching machines and rollers used for gluing, folding, laminating, wrapping, guiding and labeling. We also produce crush roller wheels for sensitive and soft products on conveyer lines.

Why Choose Polynyl Plastics for Polyurethane Packaging

We have been serving throughout Australia for over 49 years. We take pride in our work and this is our passion. Our collective knowledge and expertise is evident in what and how we provide our products and services.

  • Warranty policy

    Having been in this industry for decades, we take importance on being transparent and honest to our customers. This is an integral part of our business. That's why we ensure to provide warranty. Return to us the damaged product and we will replace it immediately.

  • Speedy and reliable service

    We know how expensive downtimes can be. For this reason, we provide 24-hour turnaround time for refurbished polyurethane products. Arrangements should be made in advance for this service.

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